U.S. ice scientists travel to Antarctica, Greenland, and high-elevation mountain ranges around the world to conduct field work in some of the harshest conditions on Earth. Below you can find information about current and upcoming expeditions. You can also read summaries of recent field work or view a timeline of the expeditions.

Current and Upcoming Expeditions

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2018 Arctic
Camp Raven, Greenland Ice Sheet

Greenland: Refreezing in the Firn of the Greenland Ice Sheet

Point of Contact: Åsa Rennermalm, Rutgers
Schedule: 4/25/2018 - 5/31/2018 (estimated)
Equipment: IDDO Hand Auger, Sidewinder
Summary: This project will collect several shallow firn cores from the southwestern sector of the Greenland Ice Sheet to investigate the stratigraphy, density, temperature and liquid water content of the firn cover and investigate spatial and temporal variations (the latter by comparing to previous cores from the literature in some of the sites). The aim of the project is to better understand how the surface meltwater generated in the summer makes its way from its location on the ice sheet to the ocean. Two competing but not mutually exclusive theories are 1) the meltwater percolates into the ice sheet pores and is stored for a relatively long time. 2) The initial infiltrating meltwater refreezes at shallow depth in the firm, forming a hard pan that prohibits further infiltration. The project will test these two hypotheses through a combination of field work, remote sensing from satellites, and modeling.