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Development of the U.S. deep coring ice drill
Authors: Wumkes MA
Year: 1994
Periodical/Journal: Memoirs of National Institute of Polar Research, Special Issue No. 49
Page Range: 41-51
Abstract: The United States has developed a deep coring ice drill capable of retrieving 13.2cm diameter cores 6m long. A comprehensive discussion of the developmental factors surrounding the design, fabrication and refinement of the United States 13.2cm deep coring ice drill is presented. Included in this paper are the various design param which defined the final configuration and approach. Technical theories and their affect on drill design are discussed. New drilling fluids for use in deep bore holes have been developed for increased safety and health benefits which impart additional problems on the synthesis of deep coring drill designs. Drill handling design problems as well as safety and environmental concerns are presented. Design evolution and modifications are discussed in detail.
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