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South Pole ice core drilling, 1981-1982
Authors: Kuivinen KC, Koci BR
Year: 1982
Periodical/Journal: Antarctic Journal of the United States
Volume: 17
Number: 5
Page Range: 89-91

A cooperative ice core drilling, core processing, and stratigraphic logging program was conducted at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station during 1981-82 season by investigators from the Polar Ice Coring Office (PICO), the national Hydrology Research Institute/Environment Canada (NHRI), and the U.S. Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL). A 202.4-meter ice core was collected, logged and packaged in the field, and then shipped to the CRREL ice core storage facility, where it will be made available to National Science Foundation-sponsored glaciologists for further analysis.

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