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Policy for Ice Drilling for Organizations other than NSF
Authors: IDPO/IDDO
Year: 2012
Keywords: Policy, Ice Drilling, Services


IDPO and IDDO are sometimes approached by investigators from federal agencies other than NSF, as well as by science investigators from other institutions and by private parties, to do ice drilling on their behalf.

IDPO and IDDO supply a unique service and see their mission as providing ice drilling services for the science community and at the same time are interested in finding funding sources outside of NSF to further the development of ice drilling science and technology.

Drilling in ice poses a real risk that equipment will be lost or damaged during the project. In addition, there is the normal wear and loss of "expendables" during the drilling operation. The equipment used by IDDO is owned by NSF; NSF and its constituent science community should not suffer any loss of resources from projects undertaken for non-NSF sponsored projects. Planning and coordination are essential preludes to a successful drilling program. The following policy would allow IDDO-IDPO to achieve the dual goals of providing support for the broader science community and accessing additional funding, through an additional Depreciation Charge, to further the science and technology of ice drilling by providing ice drilling services to those with funding sources outside of NSF.

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