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An Investigation of the Snow Adjacent to Dye-2, Greenland
Authors: Ueda HT, Goff MA and Nielsen KG
Year: 1981
Keywords: SR 81-3, DEW line, snow, snow strength
Periodical/Journal: CRREL Special Report 81-3
Abstract: Snow samples from five 50-ft (15.2-m) deep holes, augered adjacent to the west side of DEW Line Station Dye-2 in Greenland, were investigated for density and unconfined compressive strength. Forty-two percent of the recovered cores were tested. Ninety-three percent of the samples tested had a length/diameter ratio greater than 2:1. The loading rate was 2 in./min (51 mm/min). Sample end-effects appeared to influence a high percentage of the failures. The heavily distributed nature of the material is evidenced in the widely scattered values of density and strength with depth. A minimum and maximum strength value of 31 psi (0.21 MPa) and 1065 psi (7.34 MPa) respectively were obtained from a hole located 50 ft (15.2 m) from the structure. Using an approach similar to that used prior to the DYE-3 move in 1976, a safety factor exceeding 6.5 is obtained against a brittle bearing failure based on a maximum footing design load of 2000 lb./ft2 (96 kPa).
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