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Studying the Ice Drilling Process
Authors: Nikolayev AF and Trubina YA
Year: 1973
Keywords: TL 406, drilling, ice drills, river ice
Periodical/Journal: CRREL TL 406
Abstract: In order to clarify the interrelationships of basic drill rig parameters with the drilling regime, studies were made of torque, axial feed load, drilling speed, and a number of drill revolutions. In order to determine the qualitative and quantitative dependence of feed load and torque on the diameter of the working member and its feed per revolution, experiments were conducted with cyclic and continuous drilling and with two types of bits: with lobed tips and flat tips. The number of drill revolutions, penetration speed and feed per bit revolution were varied for each test, with two series of tests conducted for each form and type of bit. All tests were conducted on lake ice and Volga ice.
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