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Intermediate Depth Drill INFO SHEET
Authors: IDPO/IDDO
Year: 2011
Keywords: Intermediate-Depth Drill, IDD, intermediate depth

In the IDPO Long Range Science Plan, the U.S. science community identified the retrieval of cores to depths of 1000-1500 meters for the IPICS 2k array and 40k network as a high priority. IDDO currently has drills capable of drilling to depths of approximately 300 meters with good core quality. The DISC Drill is capable of coring to depths of approximately 4000 meters with excellent core quality; the DISC Drill, however, is large and requires substantial logistics and infrastructure support which precludes its use for the coring of 1000-1500 and shallower holes. The science community, IDPO/IDDO, and NSF consequently agreed that a dedicated intermediate depth drill be developed. This document provides a general overview of the drill.

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