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The USA CRREL drill for thermal coring in ice
Authors: Ueda HT and Garfield DE
Year: 1969
Periodical/Journal: Journal of Glaciology
Volume: 8
Number: 53
Page Range: 311-314

The USA CRREL drill is an 80-kg, electrothermal unit designed for continuous coring in temperate or polar ice or snow. The drill melts a hole approximately 16.3 cm in diameter and retrieves a core approximately 12.2 cm in diameter at rates from 1.9 m/h in -28 degree C ice to 2.3 m/h in temperate ice. The melt water formed is removed by a vacuum system and stored in a tank. Additional equipment includes 450 m of armored electrical cable, a hoist, a 6.7-m tower and a gasoline generator. The minimum time required to drill a 450-m hole is 435 h. All of the equipment has been designed to be assembled and operated by two men and has a gross shipping weight of 1180 kg.

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