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Light Weight Electro-Mechanical Drills
Authors: Suzuki Y
Year: 1984
Periodical/Journal: Proceedings of the Second International Workshop/Symposium on Ice Drilling Technology (eds G. Holdsworth, K.C. Kuivinen and J.H. Rand), CRREL Special Report 84-34
Page Range: 33-40

The ILTS-130 series, light weight electro-mechanical core drills, have been operated in various locations. Some as short as 1.4 m and as light as 20 kg, yet capable of taking a 0.4 m length ice core in one minute, with a power input of 400 W. They are suitable for drilling to 30 m depth.

An extended version, 2.4 m in length and 28 kg in weight, took a 1 m length ice core in 2 minutes, during a laboratory test. This drill will be used in 1983 in Antarctica to replace the JARE-MID-140B drill, which, in 1980, cored a 100 m hole in 44 h and another 143 m hole in 81 h.

The basic design of the ILTS-130 series is described. Suggestions for further improvement and comments on planning a drill system are also included in the paper.

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