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The PICO Intermediate Drill System
Authors: Litwak J, Kersten L and Kuivinen K
Year: 1984
Periodical/Journal: Proceedings of the Second International Workshop/Symposium on Ice Drilling Technology (eds G. Holdsworth, K.C. Kuivinen and J.H. Rand), CRREL Special Report 84-34
Page Range: 41-44

The PICO intermediate drill is an electromechanical drilling system designed for continuous coring in firn and ice to a maximum depth of 600 m in an open hole. The drill collects 10.2 cm diameter core in runs of 70-150 cm length. A new cutting head includes three bits and core-catching dogs. The surface components, mounted on a platform, include a Lebus winch with grooved drum containing 700 m of seven-conductor electromechanical cable, a dual tower device, a 2 kW motor for high-speed raising and lowering of the drill, a 1.25 kW motor for control of penetration and core break, and a control panel. The winch platform, operators and core processing station can be accommodated inside a modified Hansen WeatherPort shelter. A 30 kW, 208V AC turbocharged diesel generator powers the winch and drill. The total weight of the drill system including winch platform, drills, generator and shelter is 6600 kg.

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