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Logistical Support for Construction on the Greenland Ice Sheet
Authors: Curtis K, Sonderup J and Dahl D
Year: 1990
Periodical/Journal: PICO CP-90-01
Page Range: 1-13

During the 1989 and 1990 summer field seasons, a scientific research camp will be constructed near the summit of the Greenland Ice Cap. The camp is located at 72 degrees 34'N, and 38 degrees 31'W at an elevation of approximately 3,230 meters (10,600 feet). The facility will support a National Science Foundation (NSF) deep drilling project to retrieve an ice core roughly 3000 meters long extending from the summit through the ice cap to bedrock. Camp facilities sufficient to accommodate drilling operations, core processing, analytical research and living space for up to forty science and support personnel must be deployed during the limited work schedule dictated by summer weather at the summit. Construction logistics for remote camps supported entirely by air transportation differ, in many respects, from those employed in more traditional construction efforts. Expense and aircraft size limit not only the weight but also the volume of materials and equipment that may be sued at a particular site. The expense of transporting manpower, materials and equipment to a remote site is significant and requires attention to every detail to maximize resource utilization.

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