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Land-Atmosphere-Ice Interactions Flux Study (LAII Flux) After-Operations Report 1994
Authors: Polar Ice Coring Office - Logistics Department
Year: 1995
Periodical/Journal: PICO OR-95-03
Page Range: 1-24

The National Science Foundation tasked the Polar Ice Coring Office at the University of Alaska Fairbanks to support numerous scientists across the United States with the Land-Atmosphere-Ice Interactions (LAII) Flux Study. This included establishing a portable remote camp at Happy Valley, along with science support in Prudhoe Bay, in Barrow, and at Toolik Field Station.

This after-operations report will outline all science support activities for the LAII Flux Study including facilities, transportation, flying hour program, communications, food service, cargo and passenger movement, medical services, permitting activities, hazardous materials, and waste management.

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