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Development of a Thermal Mechanical Drill for Sampling Ice and Rock From Great Depths
Authors: Das DK, Koci BR and Kelley JJ
Year: 1992
Periodical/Journal: PICO TJC-104
Page Range: 1-13

Obtaining deep ice cores from glaciers and the world's ice caps and rock samples from beneath the ice requires a new approach in coring technology allowing quick access to sampling zones. A combination of mechanical drilling coupled with water as a drilling and hydraulic fluid shows promise in providing quick access to interesting sample areas as well as the ability to obtain quality rock or ice core samples.

The system consists of a deep well pump to circulate drilling water from within the ice, a triplex pump to provide hydraulic power, heaters, specially designed instrumented hoses and a down-hole mud motor to drive the drill. The system is described in detail and thermal models of its effect on cores presented.

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