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Directional Drilling
Authors: Zagorodnov V, Kelley J, Koci B, Stanford K and Collins J
Year: 1992
Periodical/Journal: PICO TN-92-01
Page Range: 1-2
Abstract: In recent years an increasing number of research projects involving various scientific disciplines are involved in the study of ice cores, especially high quality deep cores from glaciers. Large volumes of ice extracted from depths of 500 m or more are desired. This problem can be solved in part by increasing the core diameter. However, another way to solve the problem is to obtain the necessary amount of ice from any depth after the borehole is drilled. A primary problem of glacier physics is the study of ice properties under natural conditions (temperature, pressure, shear stress). these investigations can be accomplished through the simultaneous use of several parallel (inclined) boreholes which may be used for mounting sensors and transducers at specific locations.
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