Drill, Scalable Hot Water (ScHWD)

2015 Spring

IDDO Continues Collaboration with UW PSL Hot Water Drilling Experts to Make User-Identified Upgrades to Small Hot Water Drills

During PY 2014, IDDO worked with hot water drilling colleagues at the University of Wisconsin Physical Sciences Lab (PSL) to develop maintenance and upgrade plans for IDDO's aging Small Hot Water Drill (HWD) systems. The engineers at PSL were heavily involved with the design and operation of the very successful Enhanced Hot Water Drill for the IceCube project as well as the Askaryan Radio Array (ARA) Hot Water Drill for the more recent ARA project at the South Pole Station. Throughout PY 2015 and PY 2016, IDDO plans to work with the PSL engineers to specify and purchase many new components for the IDDO Small HWDs based on user feedback, as almost exclusively the PIs and their science teams operate these drills. During the Second Quarter, IDPO-Dartmouth organized a virtual meeting that enabled scientist-users of the drill an opportunity to see the planned upgrades and provide feedback to IDDO. The upgraded Small HWD, with a depth capability of 0-60 meters, will complement the planned Scalable Hot Water Drill, which is scalable in depth range from 60-1000 meters, depending upon individual project needs. Late in the quarter, assembly and testing of the existing Small HWD equipment was underway and IDDO plans to purchase upgraded components beginning in the Third Quarter.

The Small Hot Water Drill set-up at PSL for testing/upgrade Credit: Terry Benson, UW Physcial Sciences Lab

2014 Summer

New Technology for the Community

Scalable Hot Water Drill
After completing the science requirements for the Scalable Hot Water Drill (ScHWD) in late February, and after subsequent completion of the engineering requirements, several reviews of the conceptual design were scheduled and completed during the Third Quarter. On May 19, IDDO completed an internal review of the concept, inviting several former IceCube hot water drilling experts to participate. Mary Albert, via Adobe Connect, then hosted an external review on June 26, with participation from several community scientists. Drill designers Chris Gibson and Terry Benson presented the concept and will work to address reviewers' comments when they are received early in the next quarter. Detailed design of the system will likely be postponed until PY 2016, as there are currently no proposed field projects for use of the drill.

Conceptual layouts illustrating what the smallest and largest ScHWD system configurations in the field may look like

Conceptual layouts illustrating what the smallest and largest ScHWD system configurations in the field may look like (click image to enlarge). A Twin Otter is shown for reference.

2014 Spring

New Technology for the Community

Scalable Hot Water Drill
The science requirements for the Scalable Hot Water Drill (ScHWD) were completed in late February after several iterations between IDPO-IDDO and the scientists interested in the development of the drill. Engineering requirements based on the science requirements were completed by IDDO. The conceptual design of the ScHWD is nearly complete and an internal review of the drill concept was conducted in mid-May. An outside review of the drill concept will be conducted in early summer.

2013 Winter

Equipment Development

Scalable Hot Water Access Drill
In response to community need for a scalable modular hot water access drill in the Long Range Science Plan, IDDO has started work on a modular hot water drill for the community. This drill will be useful for investigating sub-ice shelf mass balance, ice-ocean interactions, grounding zone processes, and other studies. Mary Albert worked with science community representatives Sarah Das, Dave Holland, and Ted Scambos, and with Chris Gibson, IDDO project manager and engineer and Terry Benson, a University of Wisconsin Engineer with hot water drill experience, through an iterative process to define the science requirements for a hot water drill whose size could be scaled to project needs. The Science Requirements for the Scalable Hot Water Access Drill are available at http://icedrill.org/documents/view.shtml?id=1192. Questions or comments should be sent to Mary Albert.

2013 Fall

Equipment Development

Rapid Access Hot Water Drill
During Program Year 2014, IDPO-IDDO is initiating the design of a new Rapid Access Hot Water Drill that has a modular capability to accommodate creation of access holes of different diameters from 500 m up to 2,500 m in depth. This drill will support requests from the community for investigating basal conditions and geothermal flux, sub-ice shelf mass balance, grounding zone processes, and sub-ice microbial ecosystems and biogeochemistry.

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