Mechanical Engineer Job Openings at IDP Madison, WI, USA

The U.S. Ice Drilling Program (IDP) group located at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is seeking two Mechanical Engineers!

IDP supports ice drilling development and operations for the National Science Foundation (NSF). IDP is a small team, composed mostly of engineers that conceptualize, design, test, and ultimately operate drilling equipment in glacial environments in the polar regions and all over the world! In this exciting and fulfilling career you will find yourself designing novel solutions that result in discoveries of past climate change or subatomic particles from across the universe.

Selected candidates will be required to periodically deploy to remote camps in the polar regions for 1-3 month periods to provide technical support and field operation of equipment.

IDP's history of supporting a diverse set of ice drilling and coring systems, rock drills, and associated support equipment ranges from small hand-held drills to rigs that drill through thousands of meters of ice to retrieve rock cores. The challenge of operating drills and systems in these environments requires a broad set of disciplines and skills from the team of people involved. This dynamic environment requires us to learn about new scientific advances, systems, and technologies on a regular basis. This environment, coupled with meaningful research, provides an exciting career opportunity for any creative and motivated engineer!

The selected candidate(s) will work closely with multidisciplinary teams of scientists, engineers, and technicians to develop state-of-the art unique ice coring and drilling systems for use in the polar regions. The candidate will support the development of engineering requirements; system design; component procurement; part fabrication; and system assembly, test, and operational use. This includes defining and conducting trade studies and leading the development of mechanical, electrical, electro-mechanical and thermal subsystems. Responsibilities may include leading test programs, procedure development, definition and development of unique test hardware, analysis of test data, and producing test reports. This position will also support the maintenance, problem resolution, and upgrade activities for legacy ice drilling systems and will maintain communications with internal and external partners.

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