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What is an RSS newsfeed?

The U.S. Ice Drilling Program uses Really Simple Syndication (RSS) to publish news items related to ice drilling and ice coring. RSS newsfeeds allow you to see the latest U.S. Ice Drilling Program news whenever we add a new news item without having to visit the U.S. Ice Drilling Program web site. RSS makes it possible for subscribers to get these news items delivered directly to their desktop.

Reading RSS Feeds

To use RSS you must use an RSS Aggregator, which downloads and displays RSS feeds for you. Many aggregators are separate, stand-alone programs; other services let you add RSS feeds to a web page. Many popular web browsers (such as Firefox and Safari) now include RSS Aggregator functionality automatically. However, if you want to use an stand-alone RSS Aggregator, here is a list of some popular ones.

How to Subscribe via an Email Client

You can EASILY add RSS Feeds as subscriptions in most modern email clients, including Microsoft Office Outlook, Mac Mail, and Gmail (Google Mail). For instructions on how to add RSS Feeds to your favorite email client, visit the following web sites:

How to Subscribe via a Web Browser

In Internet Explorer 7.0+ or Firefox 2.0+:
  1. Click this link: RSS icon U.S. Ice Drilling Program news feed
  2. Click Subscribe to this feed or Subscribe Now for Microsoft® Internet Explorer and Firefox®, respectively. You may also use the RSS icon located on your browser's toolbar to subscribe.
For other readers, and services:
  1. Copy the following URL: feed://
  2. Paste the URL into your reader.