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Friday, April 15
Time Speaker Topic
8:00 Continental Breakfast
8:30 Mary Albert Welcome and workshop goals
8:40 Julie Palais NSF remarks
8:50 Mark Sakadolsky Air National Guard support
9:00 Eric Saltzman Atmospheric histories of short-lived trace gases
9:15 Erich Osterberg Alaskan alpine ice core record of late Holocene hydroclimate
9:30 Eric Steig Drilling in wet places: Mt. Waddington and beyond
9:45 Andrei Kurbatov Future science targets needing a modular drill system
10:00 Coffee break
10:15 Vladimir Aizen Central Asia Deep Ice-coring Project
10:30 Robert Hawley In-situ measurements in polar firn with borehole optical stratigraphy
10:45 John Goodge Old ice and old rocks - the need for rapid access
11:00 Jeff Severinghaus Reconnaissance for oldest ice - the need for rapid access
11:15 Slawek Tulaczyk Going deep: drilling targets beyond the meteoric ice
11:30 Erin Pettit Extending observations of climate history and ice dynamics
11:45 Howard Conway Ice dynamics and glacial history
12:00 Lunch
12:30 Gary Clow Temperature, heat flow, and borehole arrays
12:45 Ryan Bay Particle physics-driven ice drilling
1:00 Christine Foreman Drill baby drill: but how to do it cleanly for microbial studies
1:15 Jill Mikucki Subglacial geomicrobiology: community input on drilling/coring
1:30 Sridhar Anandakrishnan Ice-ocean interactions
1:45 Ross Powell Ice shelf cavities and subglacial geology
2:00 Frank Rack ANDRILL Coulman High project and beyond
2:15 Mary Albert & SAB Break-out group identification and tasks
2:30 Coffee break
2:45 Break-out groups Discuss drilling sites, year, and drilling requirements, begin white papers
5:00 All Plenary: progress reports from each break-out group
5:30 Mary Albert & SAB Summary and action items for tomorrow
5:45 Meeting adjourned for the day

Saturday, April 16
Time Speaker Topic
8:00 Continental breakfast
8:30 Mary Albert Goals for the day
8:45 Break-out groups Break-out groups finish short white papers
10:15 Coffee break
10:30 Break-out group reps Break-out group presentations and whole group discussions
11:45 Mary Albert Summary and identification of next steps
12:00 Meeting adjourned