Workshop Overview

Scientific discoveries achieved from, within, and beneath the Arctic and Antarctic ice sheets and temperate glaciers are critical to society today, but they are not achieved without significant advance planning. The Ice Drilling Program Office (IDPO) is sponsoring an interdisciplinary ice community workshop to identify future Arctic and Antarctic drilling/coring sites, the ice drilling technology that will be needed, and the timeline over the coming decade for conducting scientific endeavors important for advancing science on many frontiers. The workshop will be held at the Washington Dulles Marriott Suites Hotel in Herndon, VA, on April 15 and 16. All are invited to participate.

Please register for the meeting ASAP. Registration for the workshop will close on April 7. NOTE: Registration for the workshop is now closed.

The current IDPO Long Range Science Plan for the ice coring and drilling community is available for download on ; we update the plan every year in June. This plan drives the associated Long Range Drilling Technology Plan, available on the same site. Both plans drive the budget and our proposals for developing and maintaining ice coring and drilling technology for the research community. As explained in our recent Eos article (Albert et al, Eos Trans AGU, vol 91(39), 2010, p. 345-346), we encourage scientists to work with IDPO to forecast your science plans over the next decade -- this enables IDPO to really get the ball rolling on the ice drilling technology that will be needed to achieve your goals. Results from the workshop will be reflected in updates in the science descriptions, timeline and planning matrices in the Long Range Science Plan and Long Range Drilling Technology Plan, so that we can ensure that the drilling technology will be ready when needed by your science. We hope that you and your colleagues will join us in this planning.