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11 March 2014

Winter 2013 Ice Bits Newsletter Now Available

The WINTER 2013 quarterly update of IDPO and IDDO activities is now available.

16 January 2014

4-March DEADLINE: Requesting Ice Drilling Support for NSF Antarctic Research Proposals

If your 2014 Antarctic Research proposal requires any kind of ice drilling or ice coring support from the IDDO group at the University of Wisconsin, you must contact at least 6 weeks prior to the NSF proposal deadline, in this case by MARCH 4, 2014.

07 January 2014

Registration & Lodging: Feb 25-27 South Pole Ice Core and IDPO Ice Coring workshops at UC-Irvine

As a reminder, there are two back-to-back workshops taking place in UC-Irvine on 25-27 February: the South Pole Ice Core Workshop (25-26 Feb), followed by the IDPO Community Workshop on Ice Coring (26-27 Feb).

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If you are preparing a proposal that includes any kind of support from the IDPO/IDDO, you must contact IDPO ( ) at least six weeks before you submit your proposal to obtain a Letter of Support and a Scope of Work/Cost Estimate, both of which must be included in your proposal.

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The U.S. Ice Drilling Program conducts integrated planning for the ice drilling science and technology communities, and provides drilling technology and operational support that enables the community to advance the frontiers of climate and environmental science.