IDDO maintains and operates existing ice drilling equipment and develops new systems with two principal foci:
1. to provide high quality ice cores, and
2. to produce boreholes that provide access to the interior and beds of ice sheets and glaciers for such purposes as embedding instruments, collecting gas samples, setting seismic charges, studying subglacial processes, and studying subglacial geology.

In Development

Here you will find equipment that is currently in development, being proposed for development, and/or being proposed for acquisition by the U.S. Ice Drilling Program.

Equipment Contact

Ice Drilling Design & Operations

Anna Claussen
Field Support Manager
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Phone: 608.890.0711
anna dot claussen at



Requesting Field Support

If you are preparing a proposal that includes any kind of ice drilling support from IDPO-IDDO, you must contact IDPO-IDDO
( ) at least six weeks before you submit your proposal to obtain a Letter of Support and a Scope of Work/Cost Estimate, both of which must be included in your proposal.







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Foro Drill

A lighter, more robust, more easily controlled, and more user-friendly version of the 4-Inch Drill, capable of recovering 98 mm diameter ice cores down to ~400 m depth. Read more...

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Sediment Laden Lake Ice Drill

A lightweight, field portable hot water drill for drilling through several meters of sediment-laden lake ice. Read more...

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Stampfli 2-Inch Drill

A very lightweight, PI-operable system capable of collecting 2"-diameter firn core down to 100-meters depth. Read more...

Project Schedules

Rapid Access Ice Drill (RAID)

The objective behind the RAID system is to drill through 3.3 kilometers of ice in a week, taking pieces of ice core along the way, and then recover up to 25 meters of bedrock core. Read more...


The following equipment development projects have received community interest but are not currently under development at IDPO-IDDO but might be in the future.

Project Schedules

Scalable Hot Water Drill (ScHWD)

The ScHWD will be capable of drilling 50-1000 meter deep holes with hole diameters from 10-30 cm, and transportable by helicopter/Twin Otter.

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Agile Ice Coring Drill (400-900m)

This will be an ice coring drill capable of obtaining ice cores between approximately 400-900 m depth and agile enough for use in mountain glaciers and areas with limited logistics. Read more...


The following equipment development projects are completed.

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Agile Sub-Ice Geological (ASIG) Drill

The ASIG Drill is capable of drilling through 700 meters of ice, taking pieces of ice core along the way, and then recovering 5-6 meters of bedrock core with a diameter of 39 mm. Read more...

Project Schedules

Blue Ice Drill – Deep

The Blue Ice Drill – Deep is based on the original Blue Ice Drill (ice cores of 241 mm (9½-inch) diameter) but with a greater depth capability.

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Deep Logging Winch

The Deep Logging Winch is capable of logging boreholes 4000 meters deep and can operate at temperatures as low as -45 degrees C.

Project Schedules

Intermediate Depth Drill (IDD)

The IDD is capable of producing 2-meter long cores 98 mm in diameter to depths of 1,500 meters. The IDD is sufficiently portable that it can be used for coring at a wide variety of sites. Read more...

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Intermediate Depth Logging Winch (IDLW)

The IDLW is capable of logging boreholes 1500 meters deep, can operate at temperatures as low as -45 degrees C, and is transportable by Twin Otter.

Project Schedules

Replicate Ice Coring System

The Replicate Ice Coring System collects additional ice at depths of interest by deploying into an existing borehole and then deviating from it.

Winkie Drill

Winkie Drill

An agile commercially-available rock coring unit adapted by IDDO for subglacial rock coring. Using standard AW34 drill rod, the system has a depth capability of 120 meters. Read more...