IDDO maintains and operates existing drills and borehole logging winches, and develops new systems with two principal foci:
1. to provide high quality ice cores, and
2. to produce boreholes that provide access to the interior and beds of ice sheets and glaciers for such purposes as embedding instruments, collecting gas samples, setting seismic charges, studying subglacial processes, studying subglacial geology, collecting subglacial bedrock core, and borehole logging.

Small Hot Water Drill

Photo of small hot water drill The IDDO Small Hot Water Drill (SHWD) uses hot water to create shallow holes in the ice. It is non-coring. Primary use is for shot holes for seismic work, but they have also been used for access holes through a thin ice shelf. These drills are transportable by light aircraft and helicopter. These systems have typically been operated by investigators without assistance from IDDO drillers.

Type: Non-coring
Number in Inventory: 2
Max. Depth Possible: Reliable and efficient to a depth of 25-30 m
Shipping Weight: 3500 lbs
Comments: Assembled for operation w/o fuel: 2200 lbs