The U.S. Ice Drilling Program (IDP) was established by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to lead integrated planning for ice coring and drilling and provision of drills and drilling services.

The PI of the Cooperative Agreement with NSF and Executive Director of IDP is Dr. Mary Albert at Dartmouth. Dartmouth has subawards to the University of Wisconsin (IDP Co-PI and Director of Operations Kristina Slawny) for drilling operations support, and to the University of New Hampshire (IDP Co-PI and Director of Digital Communications Joseph Souney) for digital communications. The IDP convenes a Science Advisory Board for the purpose of forming and updating a Long Range Science Plan that articulates the direction of U.S. ice coring and drilling science and identifies the drills and drilling technology required to enable the science. Once a year, IDP updates the Long Range Drilling Technology Plan, which provides an overview of the multifaceted system of drills and technology needed to advance the science that is identified in the Long Range Science Plan. In addition, in order to obtain the best available advice in regard to drill innovation, design, and operation, IDP has established a Technical Assistance Board of experts who meet in person biennially, but are available regularly via email for ongoing advice and assistance with specific technical tasks as needed.