IDP maintains and operates existing drills and borehole logging winches, and develops new systems with two principal foci:

  1. to provide high quality ice cores, and
  2. to produce boreholes that provide access to the interior and beds of ice sheets and glaciers for such purposes as embedding instruments, collecting gas samples, setting seismic charges, studying subglacial processes, studying subglacial geology, collecting subglacial bedrock core, and borehole logging.

Logging Tower

The logging tower straps to the protruding casing of a borehole allowing a sheave to extend up above the borehole (for borehole logging) with no need for any kind of tripod or crane. In the past, the logging tower has been used by Gary Clow and Ryan Bay to log the GISP2 and GRIP boreholes. Its dimensions are 58" L x 18" W x 16" H and the shipping weight is 180 lbs.

The logging tower strapped to spare borehole casing inside the IDP--Wisconsin warehouse. Photo: Unknown

The logging tower in use strapped to a borehole. Photo: Unknown

The intermediate depth logging winch in operation at Siple Dome, Antarctica, during the 2013-2014 summer field season. The logging tower is strapped to the Siple Dome borehole casing. Credit: Josh Goetz

Equipment Details

Name Logging Tower
Type Accessory for borehole logging operations
Number in Inventory 2
IDP Driller Required? No
Shipping Weight 180 lbs
Shipping Cube 58" L x 18" W x 16" H