Butyl Acetate Vapor Detection Methods

Title Butyl Acetate Vapor Detection Methods
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Author(s) Thomas A Gosink , John J Kelley
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PICO TR-91-01

The modern work place requires the monitoring of potentially dangerous fumes for the prevention of deleterious health affects as well as for fire explosion. For this purpose, numerous methods exist to monitor specific or general classes of pollutants. Factors to consider in the choice of the method of analysis include: cost, accuracy (required as well as achievable) and the ambient conditions of the work place (temperature, altitude). Normally the latter can be neglected, but in the case of high altitude glaciers, they cannot be ignored.

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Special Collections PICO (Polar Ice Coring Office)
Categories Drilling Fluids
Citation Thomas A Gosink , John J Kelley ( 1991 ) Butyl Acetate Vapor Detection Methods. PICO TR-91-01 , 1-15 .
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Thomas A Gosink