Development of large ice saws

Title Development of large ice saws
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Author(s) Donald E Garfield
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CRREL Report 76-47

This report describes two mechanical ice-cutting systems for the removal of ice collars at the high pool level on the Poe Lock of the St. Marys Falls Canal at Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. One system was a narrow-kerf (3 and 1/4-in.-wide) coal-cutting chain saw mounted on a bar, driven by a 65-hp wheeled trencher. The other system was a lumber-cutting chain saw mounted on a bar, driven by a 30-hp wheeled soil trencher which cut a 0.56-in.-wide kerf. The lumber-cutting saw's bar was too flexible and the desired cutting traverse speed was not met. Tlie coal-cutting saw cut 6-ft-deep ice collars at traverse speeds of up to 10 ft/min and is acceptable. With a few modifications, the coal-cutting saw would be operational.

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Citation Donald E Garfield ( 1976 ) Development of large ice saws. CRREL Report 76-47 , 1-14 .
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Donald E Garfield