Facilities and Services Available To NSF-Sponsored Projects in Greenland

Title Facilities and Services Available To NSF-Sponsored Projects in Greenland
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Author(s) Polar Ice Coring Office
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PICO OR-93-01

This brochure provides a general overview of services available at Kangerlaussuaq, Thule Air Base, and remote field sites in Greenland to assist Principal Investigators (PIs) in planning for the 1993 Greenland field season. At this writing, the decision on where we will stage 1993 Greenland operations has not been made. The closure of Sondrestrom Air Base, planned runway repair at Thule Air Base, and the uncertainty of where we will operate in 1993 requires that PICO remain flexible enough to support your field work, regardless of the facilities available to us. For these reasons, we are providing information on the services and facilities available at all operation locations. Telephone numbers, schedules, and specific travel plans are not addressed in this document as the information will not be available until very near your travel date.

A supplement to this brochure will be published and distributed when all the information is available. We are requesting more information on passenger and cargo movement than in the past to allow us the flexibility of using available transportation methods on short notice should the need arise. It is anticipated that procedures and support facilities will change throughout the year. We encourage everyone to contact PICO early an on a regular basis so we may better assist you with your field planning.

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Citation Polar Ice Coring Office ( 1993 ) Facilities and Services Available To NSF-Sponsored Projects in Greenland. PICO OR-93-01 , 1-15 .
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