Happy Valley Camp "How To" Manual

Title Happy Valley Camp "How To" Manual
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Author(s) Polar Ice Coring Office - Logistics Department
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PICO OR-95-02

The National Science Foundation (NSF) tasked the Polar Ice Coring Office (PICO) at the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) to design, build, and operate a remote field camp, known as the Happy Valley Camp (HVC), located approximately 82 miles south of Deadhorse, Alaska. It was a portable tent and weatherport camp designed for the summer season. The camp was first set up in April 1994 and was dismantled in September 1994. Stored in two 45-foot trailer vans near the site, it will be reactivated in April 1995.

HVC provides a base for NSF participants in some of the Land-Atmosphere-Ice Interactions (LAII) projects. This portable camp is sized to accommodate up to 20 people. Principle support to field parties consists of berthing, food service, lab/office space and a heliport/refueling site. The camp serves NSF researchers who rotate between sites at Prudhoe Bay, Happy Valley, and the Toolik field Station.

While currently stored in trailer vans, this camp can also be easily transported by aircraft or ship.

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Citation Polar Ice Coring Office - Logistics Department ( 1995 ) Happy Valley Camp "How To" Manual. PICO OR-95-02 , 1-68 .
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