Removal of cuttings in deep ice electromechanical drills

Title Removal of cuttings in deep ice electromechanical drills
Publication Type
Journal Article
Author(s) Pavel Talalay
Journal/ Publication
Cold Regions Science and Technology

The thorough removal of cuttings is one of the key requirements for successful drilling in ice. Otherwise cuttings can form packed ice rings above and near the drill head and can eventually result in a stuck drill. In deep ice electromechanical drilling, the cuttings are removed from the bottom of the hole by the fluid flow from a down-hole pump and collected in a chip chamber. If the cuttings are produced in excess of the capacity of the chip chamber, they will accumulate in the circulation system clearances. This can lead to the incomplete cleaning of the hole bottom resulting in some of the cuttings remaining in the hole. The pump utilized should be chosen according to two main parameters: flow rate and outlet pressure. This paper contains specific recommendations for estimating the required flow rate of the drilling fluid and the hydraulic resistances in the circulation system of electromechanical ice drills.

Categories Deep Drilling, Ice Cutting
Equipment CRREL EM Electrodrill, EPICA/NGRIP Drill, ISTUK Drill, JARE drills, KEMS / TELGA / TBZS drills, PICO 132 mm Drill
Citation Pavel Talalay ( 2006 ) Removal of cuttings in deep ice electromechanical drills. Cold Regions Science and Technology , 44 , 2 , 87-98 . doi: 10.1016/j.coldregions.2004.08.005
Lead Author
Pavel Talalay