Science Requirements: 700 Drill

Title Science Requirements: 700 Drill
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Author(s) Erich Osterberg , Karl Kreutz, Andrei Kurbatov, Mary R Albert

The IDP Science Advisory Board identified in the IDP Long Range Science Plan 2015-2025 and later, a priority need to alter the surface equipment for the existing Intermediate Depth Drill in order to make a drilling operation that is less logistically intensive, to be used for alpine or polar ice coring at sites with limited logistics and with two months or less time on site. In continuing discussions, it became evident that a smaller diameter core would result in significant logistical savings. From discussions organized by IDP with iterative discussions between scientists, and IDP staff, the following are the science requirements for the 700 Drill.

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Categories Alpine/High-Altitude, Intermediate-/Medium-Depth Drills, Lightweight/Portable
Equipment 700 Drill
Citation Erich Osterberg , Karl Kreutz, Andrei Kurbatov, Mary R Albert ( 2021 ) Science Requirements: 700 Drill. 1-4 .
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Erich Osterberg