Science Requirements: Stampfli 2-Inch Drill

Title Science Requirements: Stampfli 2-Inch Drill
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Author(s) Erich Osterberg , Karl Kreutz, Sarah Das
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The IDPO Long Range Science Plan 2015 identified science goals for ice drilling that spanned a wide range of science targets. For field projects with very limited logistical support across a range of science, from obtaining evidence about chemical and physical changes in recent climate and environment, to gathering evidence for ground-truth of satellite imagery, a very lightweight, scientist-operated, highly portable mechanical firn coring drill is needed to collect firn cores from the top 20-100 m of firn. From discussions organized by IDPO with iterative discussions between IDPO, scientists, and IDDO staff, the following are the science requirements for the Portable Firn Coring Drill.

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Equipment Stampfli 2-Inch Drill
Citation Erich Osterberg , Karl Kreutz, Sarah Das ( 2016 ) Science Requirements: Stampfli 2-Inch Drill. .
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Erich Osterberg