Status of Logistics Systems Development (VALIS)

Title Status of Logistics Systems Development (VALIS)
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Author(s) John J Kelley
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PICO CP-94-01

The U.S. Arctic Research Policy Act seeks not only to improve logistics planning and support, but also to improve sharing and dissemination of data and information. Logistics support, whether it be for science or industry, depends on a variety of information products which, if not readily reliably available, can cause serious and costly delays.

We continually rely on numerous separate data or experiential information sources. We should work toward the development of more effective logistics coordination systems. PICO, in cooperation with the University of Alaska faculty and private industry, has been acquiring the basic building blocks for the development of a value-added logistics information system. The concept of a value added logistics information system began in 1989 as a result of a workshop on "New Technological Developments in Support of Arctic Research", (J.J. Kelley, ed.) sponsored by the American Association for the Advancement of Science and Arctic Research Consortium of the United States. A need for "clearing house" for Arctic information was voiced. A clear need for an Arctic information system was made where users could share information with each other.

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Citation John J Kelley ( 1994 ) Status of Logistics Systems Development (VALIS). PICO CP-94-01 , 1-11 .
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