Transporting Ice Core: Methods and Cost Analysis

Title Transporting Ice Core: Methods and Cost Analysis
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Author(s) Harm De Boer
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PICO OR-91-04

After considering numerous shipping containers and different modes of transportation, transporting the ice core in leased, 20-foot marine freezer containers aboard the U.S. Navy ship Green Wave from Greenland to Bayonne, N.J., appears to be the safest and most economical way. Trucking the ice core inside a frozen van on a trailer with air ride suspension from Bayonne, N.J., to Denver seems to be the best transportation method for this leg of the journey. The equipment used is readily available, proven reliable, and can be leased for a competitive price.

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Special Collections PICO (Polar Ice Coring Office)
Categories Field Logistics/Camps, Ice Core Processing/Storage/Quality
Citation Harm De Boer ( 1991 ) Transporting Ice Core: Methods and Cost Analysis. PICO OR-91-04 , 1-20 .
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Harm De Boer