Utilities on permanent snowfields

Title Utilities on permanent snowfields
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Author(s) Malcolm Mellor
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CRREL Monograph III-A2d

The topics covered in the monograph include water supply, waste disposal, heating, ventilating and fire protection at installations built on polar ice sheets. The section on water supply discusses energy requirements, consumption rates, water quality and treatment, techniques and equipment for melting snow and ice, and water distribution systems. A number of actual water supply systems are described in detail. The section on waste disposal deals with sewage and sewage sinks, latrines, garbage, trash and scrap and radioactive waste. Examples of sanitation systems at polar base are described in some detail. The section on heating discusses heating load, heat losses and insulation, energy sources, and heating systems. The ventilation section covers air demands, intakes and exhausts, ventilation of undersnow tunnels, and carbon monoxide problems. The report concludes with some notes on fire protection. NOTE: This is part of the "Cold Regions Science and Engineering" series of monographs published by CRREL

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Categories Steam Ice Drills
Citation Malcolm Mellor ( 1969 ) Utilities on permanent snowfields. CRREL Monograph III-A2d , 1-42 .
Lead Author
Malcolm Mellor