GISP2 Notebook, No. 2

Title GISP2 Notebook, No. 2
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Author(s) GISP2 Science Management Office

GISP2 Update

As of camp closing September 14, 1991, the GISP2 program had reached a depth of 1510 meters, recovering ice with an age of approximately 8000 years BP. During the 1991 season, discrete and continuous samples were taken to a depth of 719 meters (approximately 3000 BP) and from 1372 to 1510 meters. Between 719 meters and 1372 meters, the brittle ice zone was encountered and sampling over this depth range was postponed until the 1992 field season to assure sufficient time for core relaxation and thus facilitate sampling of this section.

Categories Deep Drilling
Equipment PICO 132 mm Drill
Citation GISP2 Science Management Office ( 1992 ) GISP2 Notebook, No. 2. 1-10 .
Lead Author
GISP2 Science Management Office