Long Range Drilling Technology Plan

Title Long Range Drilling Technology Plan
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Author(s) U.S. Ice Drilling Program

The U.S. Ice Drilling Program (IDP) Long Range Science Plan lays out recommended directions for U.S. ice coring and drilling science. This companion Long Range Drilling Technology Plan addresses the IDP drills and technologies needed for implementation of parts of the Long Range Science Plan. Much of the equipment mentioned is already being developed or maintained by IDP as part of its inventory of NSF- owned equipment. This plan also describes the latest development projects at IDP and discusses potential technologies that could have positive impacts on NSF-funded science programs, if pursued. Finally, this plan briefly addresses the funding allocated for its implementation during the current Program Year (PY).

Special Collections IDP Documents, IDP Long Range Science and Drilling Technology Plans
Citation U.S. Ice Drilling Program ( 2024 ) Long Range Drilling Technology Plan. 1-51 .
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U.S. Ice Drilling Program