Nonstructural Ice Control

Title Nonstructural Ice Control
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Author(s) Robert B Haehnel
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CRREL Special Report 98-14

Nonstructural ice control measures are used for reducing the frequency and severity of ice jam damages that do not rely on the use of a structure placed in the river. This report is a comprehensive review of current nonstructural ice control methods in use. Both advance measures and emergency response methods are addressed. Where possible, the effectiveness of these methods has been assessed, and cost of application has been tabulated. In terms of development, some of these are still in their infancy, while others are well advanced in terms of available guidance and field experience. Nonstructural methods can be used to extend the operating envelope of structural measures and can play a role in an ice control strategy that uses both structural and nonstructural components to provide the desired results. There is little guidance currently available to predict the reduction in ice jam potential due to application of any of these measures. Further work in this area should focus on developing governing relationships that relate ice and river properties and meteorological conditions to ice jam potential and severity.

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Citation Robert B Haehnel ( 1998 ) Nonstructural Ice Control. CRREL Special Report 98-14 , 1-36 .
Lead Author
Robert B Haehnel