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IDPO-IDDO (2012) Intermediate Depth Drill Development: Summary Document April 2012. 1-63. 2012
Lee Michaelides (2012) Inventions: Thermoblast Flame-Jet Drill. Dartmouth Engineer Magazine,… 2012
Erin Pettit, Ryan Bay, Gary D Clow, IDPO (2012) Science Requirements for a Deep Logging Winch. 1-4. 2012
Science Advisory Board (2012) Science Advisory Board 2012 Meeting: Agenda, Minutes, and Presentations. 2012
Martin J Siegert, Rachel J Clarke, Matt Mowlem, Neil Ross, Christopher S Hill, Andrew Tait, Dominic A Hodgson, John Parnell, Martyn Tranter, David Pearce, Michael J Bentley, Charles Cockell, Maria‐Nefeli Tsaloglou, Andrew M Smith, John Woodward, Mario P Brito, Edward Waugh (2012) Clean access, measurement, and sampling of Ellsworth Subglacial Lake: A method for exploring deep Antarctic subglacial lake environments. Reviews of Geophysics, 50, (RG1003), 1-40. doi: 10.1029/2011RG000361. 2012
Jørgen P Steffensen, Lars B Larsen, Dorthe Dahl‐Jensen (2012) Field season report 2012. North Greenland Eemian Ice drilling (NEEM) 2007‐2012: Final basal ice drilling, shallow coring, support of associated projects and camp CLOSE DOWN.. 1-171. 2012
Pavel Talalay (2012) Drill Heads of the Deep Ice Electromechanical Drills. Technical Report PRC 12-03, Polar Research Center, Jilin University, China, 1-39. 2012
Pavel Talalay (2012) Review of Subglacial Till and Bedrock Drilling. Technical Report PRC 12-02, Polar Research Center, Jilin University, China, 1-60. 2012
WISSARD GBASE (C-523) (2012) WISSARD Biological Clean Access Testing: Phase II, WIS-Spot test site, Ross Ice Shelf, 17-18 December 2012. Whillans Ice Stream Subglacial Access Research Drilling, 1-5. 2012
World Pumps (2012) Hot water drilling in Antarctic ice. World Pumps, 2012, (6), 32-35. doi: 10.1016/S0262-1762(12)70187-6. 2012
Ryan Bay, Gary D Clow, Robert Hawley, Erin Pettit, Ed Waddington, Atsu Muto, IDPO (2011) Intermediate Depth Logging Winch - Science Requirements. 1-3. 2011
Jens Biele, Stephan Ulamec, Martin Hilchenbach, Norbert Kömle (2011) In situ analysis of Europa ices by short-range melting probes. Advances in Space Research, 48, (4), 755-763. doi: 10.1016/j.asr.2010.02.029. 2011
Xinsheng Gao, Guocai Zhu, Jiawen Ren, Yongliang Zhang (2011) The Development and Application of Lightweight Alpine Ice Coring Mechanical Rig in China. Journal of Glaciology and Geocryology, 34, (6), 1-8. 2011
IDDO (2011) Technical Advisory Board 2011 Meeting: Agenda and Minutes. 2011
Lars B Larsen, Simon G Sheldon, Jørgen P Steffensen (2011) Field season 2011. North Greenland Eemian Ice drilling (NEEM) 2007‐2012: NEEM 3rd season of deep ice core drilling and core processing. 1-107. 2011
Eric Saltzman, Eric J Steig, IDPO (2011) Intermediate Ice Coring Drill - Science Requirements. 1-2. 2011
Science Advisory Board (2011) Science Advisory Board 2011 Meeting: Agenda, Minutes, and Presentations. 2011
Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (2011) SCAR's Code of Conduct for the Exploration and Research of Subglacial Aquatic Environments. ATCM XXXIV and CEP XIV 2011, Buenos Aires, Argentina. IP 33, 1-5. 2011
Pavel Talalay (2011) Drilling Fluids for Deep Coring in Central Antarctica. Technical Report PRC 12-01, Polar Research Center, Jilin University, China, 1-73. 2011
Nikolay I Vasiliev, Pavel Talalay, Vostok Deep Ice Core Drilling Parties (2011) Twenty Years of Drilling the Deepest Hole in Ice. Scientific Drilling, 11, 41-45. doi: 10.2204/ 2011
Mary R Albert, Charles R Bentley, Mark S Twickler (2010) A New Paradigm for Ice Core Drilling. Eos Trans. AGU, 91, (39), 345-346. 2010
Richard B Alley (2010) Reliability of ice-core science: historical insights. Journal of Glaciology, 56, (200), 1095-1103. doi: 10.3189/002214311796406130. 2010
IDDO (2010) Technical Advisory Board 2010 Meeting: Agenda and Minutes. 2010
Lars B Larsen, Simon G Sheldon, Jørgen P Steffensen (2010) Field season 2010. North Greenland Eemian Ice drilling (NEEM) 2007‐2012: NEEM 2nd season of deep ice core drilling and core processing. 1-95. 2010
Science Advisory Board (2010) Science Advisory Board 2010 Meeting: Agenda and Minutes. 2010
Charles R Bentley, Bruce R Koci, Laurent Augustin, Robin J Bolsey, James A Green, Jay D Kyne, Donald A Lebar, William P Mason, Alexander J Shturmakov, Hermann F Engelhardt, William D Harrison, Michael H Hecht, Victor Zagorodnov (2009) Chapter 4: Ice Drilling and Coring. Drilling in Extreme Environments: Penetration and Sampling on Earth and other Planets (eds Y. Bar-Cohen and K. Zacny), Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim, Germany, 221-308. doi: 10.1002/9783527626625.ch4. 2009
IDDO (2009) Technical Advisory Board 2009 Meeting Minutes. 1-19. 2009
Lars B Larsen, Jørgen P Steffensen, Dorthe Dahl‐Jensen (2009) Field season report 2009. North Greenland Eemian Ice drilling (NEEM) 2007‐2011: First season of NEEM deep ice core drilling and processing. 1-199. 2009
Hans Oerter, Cord Drücker, Sepp Kipfstuhl, Frank Wilhelms (2009) Kohnen station - the drilling camp for the EPICA deep ice core in Dronning Maud Land. Polarforschung, 78, (1), 1-23. 2009
OGP/IPIECA (2009) Drilling fluids and health risk management: A guide for drilling personnel, managers and health professionals in the oil and gas industry. OGP Report Number 396, 1-60. 2009
John C Priscu, Slawek Tulaczyk, Mark L Skidmore (2009) WAIS Divide Basal Science and Implementation Plan. 1-39. 2009
Jeffrey P Severinghaus, IDDO (2009) Blue Ice Drill Development: Science Requirements Document. 1-3. 2009
Shun Tsutaki, Shin Sugiyama (2009) Development of a hot water drilling system for subglacial and englacial measurements. Bulletin of Glaciological Research, 27, 7-14. 2009
U.S. Science Community, IDPO (2009) Replicate Ice Coring System - Science Requirements. 1-5. 2009
Stefan W Vogel (2009) On the geometry of core-catcher holders for hot-water based ice coring of sediment-laden ice. Journal of Glaciology, 55, (189), 188-190. doi: 10.3189/002214309788608912. 2009
Gary D Clow (2008) USGS Polar Temperature Logging System, Description and Measurement Uncertainties. U.S. Geological Survey Techniques and Methods 2-E3, 1-24. 2008
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Lars B Larsen, Michael V Strand, Jørgen P Steffensen, Dorthe Dahl‐Jensen (2008) Field season report 2008. North Greenland Eemian ice drilling (NEEM) 2007-2011: construction of a fully equipped NEEM ice core drilling and processing camp. 1-173. 2008
William P Mason, Laurent Augustin, Alexander J Shturmakov, Charles R Bentley, Donald A Lebar (2008) Design Modifications for Recovering 4-Meter Ice Cores with the DISC Drill. 1-11. 2008
Jeffrey P Severinghaus, Ryan Bay, Edward Brook, Jihong Cole-Dai, Erin Pettit, Todd Sowers (2008) WAIS Divide Replicate Coring and Borehole Logging Science and Implementation Plan. 2008
Thorsteinn Thorsteinsson, Sverrir Elefsen, Eric Gaidos, Brian Lanoil, Tomas Johannesson, Vilhjalmur Kjartansson, Viggo Marteinsson, Andri Stefansson, Throstur Thorsteinsson (2008) A hot water drill with built-in sterilization: Design, testing and performance. Jokull, 57, (71-82),… 2008
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