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John C Priscu, Slawek Tulaczyk, Mark L Skidmore (2009) WAIS Divide Basal Science and Implementation Plan. 1-39. 2009
Jeffrey P Severinghaus, IDDO (2009) Blue Ice Drill Development: Science Requirements Document. 1-3. 2009
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ICDS (2007) DISC Drill System - Science Requirements Document. 1-5. 2007
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Jay A Johnson, William P Mason, Alexander J Shturmakov, Scott T Haman, Paul J Sendelbach, Nicolai B Mortensen, Laurent Augustin, Kristina R Dahnert (2007) A new 122 mm electromechanical drill for deep ice-sheet coring (DISC): 5. Experience during Greenland field testing. Annals of Glaciology, 47, 54-60. doi: 10.3189/172756407786857730. 2007
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Hubertus Fischer, Robert Mulvaney, Edward Brook, David Fisher, Massimo Frezzotti, Joseph McConnell, Eric J Steig, Eric Wolff (2006) White paper: The IPICS 40,000 year network: a bipolar record of climate forcing and response. International Partnerships in Ice Core Sciences, 1-4. 2006
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Kevin McLain (2006) "Safe-Core" WAIS Divide Ice Core Transportation Proposal. Raytheon Polar Services, 1-95. 2006
Kevin McLain (2006) "Safe-Core" WAIS Divide Ice Core Transportation Proposal Summary. Raytheon Polar Services, 1-12. 2006
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