U.S. Scientific Traverses on the Greenland Ice Sheet: a Planning Workshop

June 11, 2021
Zoom Meeting

Sponsors: U.S. Ice Drilling Program & Summit Science Coordination Office
Conveners: Joerg Schaefer, Mary Albert, Jason Briner, Zoe Courville





The U.S. Ice Drilling Program and the Summit Science Coordination Office are co-sponsoring a U.S. science community planning workshop on June 11, 2021, to identify and articulate U.S. science community interests for long-term planning of potential scientific traverses on the Greenland Ice Sheet.


The workshop is designed to identify the driving scientific questions that require access to interior areas of the Greenland Ice Sheet and would benefit from traverse approaches for the coming decade and beyond. What are the primary science questions that the U.S. scientific community would seek to answer? The outcome from the workshop is a set of white papers that will help identify technological and logistical requirements that will be needed to support the science.


How to Join

To participate in the virtual online meeting, you must register for the meeting. When you register, you will have the option to provide a title for a 5-minute “pitch” for science that you envision for the future. After we receive your registration, we will send you additional details of the meeting as it develops. There is no registration fee; however, only those registered will be admitted onto the zoom site. The registration deadline is June 6, 2021.


The workshop's agenda is outlined below. You can also download the agenda as a PDF. All times listed are Eastern time zone.

Friday, June 11

  Opening Remarks
11:00 Welcome and workshop charge: Joerg Schaefer, Mary Albert, Jason Briner, and Zoe Courville
11:05 NSF Remarks: Dr. Jen Mercer
  Compelling science questions needing ground-based measurements on the GIS: short presentations
11:15 The ice sheet bed: GreenDrill and beyond – Schaefer and Briner
11:25 Ice core evidence of past conditions - Osterberg
11:35 Surface mass balance – Hawley
11:45 Hydrology - Chu
12:00 Ice sheet surface processes - Medley
12:10 Drilling technology - Tanner Kuhl
12:20 Q&A and Discussion
12:45 BREAK
1:00-2:00 Science questions requiring a scientific traverse (5-minute ‘pitches’ for what, why, where, when)
2:00 Discussion: Identifying commonalities
2:30 Discussion: Identifying white paper topics & co-authors
3:00 Breakout group discussions: Creating outlines & planning the writing
3:30 Reporting back to the whole group
4:00 Discussion
4:45 Workshop summary and instructions for white paper completion
5:00 Meeting adjourned

Workshop Report

View the workshop report.


View the presentations from the workshop.

Questions / Contacts

For questions, contact the U.S. Ice Drilling Program at icedrill@dartmouth.edu.


Status message

Registration for the workshop closed on June 6, 2021. Send questions to icedrill@dartmouth.edu.