Announcing SCHOOL of ICE-Summer 2022

School of Ice is an NSF funded professional development program for faculty at Minority Serving Institutions. This program will train participants to understand paleo-climate evidence derived from ice cores and to acquire the skills necessary to bring this exciting inquiry into new and existing Earth and environmental science classes on their campuses.

The experiential nature of this workshop will build background knowledge of cutting-edge research and empower participants to communicate authentic paleo-climate research practices, ice core data, and results to their students.

There will be two opportunities to attend School of Ice this summer. Besides thinking about the dates, please help us reduce our carbon footprint by considering the one closer to you geographically. In both you will interact with experts currently working in climate and ice science research, take interesting field trips, and engage in hands-on learning experiences you can use with your students. Learn more at Travel expenses are paid and all resources are provided freely to workshop participants.

Registration is open now. Priority consideration will be given to applications received by the due date, but accepted on a rolling basis until the workshop is filled. Note: there is usually a waiting list to attend, so apply early!

School of Ice--Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH

School of Ice--COLDEX-Oregon State University, OR

QUESTIONS? Contact Louise Huffman