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The Guliya Ice Cap, China: Retrieval and return of a 308-m ice core from 6200 m altitude
Authors: Koci B and Zagorodnov V
Year: 1994
Periodical/Journal: Memoirs of National Institute of Polar Research, Special Issue No. 49
Page Range: 371-376
Abstract: Drilling techniques and equipment used for retrieval and return of a 308-m ice core from a remote area of China are discussed. High resolution climatic records from remote regions of the planet are possible only if the core is continuous and of high quality. In this instance retrieval of core from over 200m below the firn ice transition required a switch of drill type from electromechanical to thermal. Working at extreme altitude and bringing the core back in a frozen state across one of the warmest regions on the planet placed additional burdens on equipment, personnel, and logistics. Solutions to these problems, improvements for future projects, and implications for retrieving continuous deep cores in regions with limited logistics are discussed.
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