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Field season report 2008. North Greenland Eemian ice drilling (NEEM) 2007-2011: construction of a fully equipped NEEM ice core drilling and processing camp
Authors: Larsen LB, Strand MV, Steffensen JP, Dahl-Jensen D
Year: 2008
Periodical/Journal: Ice and Climate Group, Niels Bohr Institute, NEEM Steering Committee, Copenhagen

This report has been prepared by the NEEM logistics group. The purpose is to provide the NEEM Scientific Steering Committee, the relevant authorities and the NEEM 2008 participants with documentation of the events of the field season. The report contains information on the activities leading up to the field season and activities on the ice sheet. The SITREPs and camp life diary and some pictures are included.

Besides listing the facts, it is our hope that the report can relay some of the special experiences which were part of the multinational efforts on the ice sheet.

The many complicated logistical tasks of the field season 2008 required a lot of good will and flexibility of planning from the CH2MHill/CPS Polar Field Services and the 109th TAG, NYANG to make the field season a success. The NEEM crew wishes to express their sincere gratitude to Robin Abbott, Mark Begnaud, Ed Stockard and Earl Vaughn, CPS and the New York Air National Guard for their assistance.

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