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Terms of Reference
Authors: Ice Core Working Group
Year: 2015

These are the Terms of Reference for the U.S. Ice Core Working Group.

Based on recommendations from a 1986 National Research Council report, the Ice Core Working Group (ICWG) was established to provide the National Science Foundation (NSF) with scientific and technical planning and advice. For many years, the ICWG worked in collaboration with the National Ice Core Laboratory (NICL), and was funded by NSF via the NICL Science Management Office (NICL-SMO). Following transitions in the NICL funding and management structure, and the establishment of the Ice Drilling Program Office (IDPO), the ICWG is now a working group of the IDPO Science Advisory Board (SAB). The ICWG focus is scientific issues pertaining to ice cores, and as such provides a forum to interface with other SAB working groups, SAB, NICL, IDPO, and NSF. ICWG members are selected from the scientific community, and will represent the community in all ice coring discussion and planning activities.

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