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Comparison and analysis of subglacial bedrock core drilling technology in Polar Regions
Authors: Wang J, Cao P, Liu C, Talalay PG
Year: 2015
Keywords: ce core drilling technology; Subglacial bedrock drilling; Rig rotary drilling; Wire-line core drilling; Coiled tubing drilling; Electromechanical drilling
Periodical/Journal: Polar Science
Volume: 9
Page Range: 208-220

The Gamburtsev Mountains, located in East Antarctica, is the direct geomorphological cause of the formation of Dome A. Drilling the core of the Gamburtsev subglacial mountains is one of the primary goals of modern polar research, which is important to understand its formation and evolution process, the ice sheet formation of Dome A, glacial motion, climate change, and so on. This paper describes the status and progress of subglacial bedrock drilling technology. Existing subglacial bedrock drilling technologies are also discussed, including common rig rotary drilling, wire-line core drilling, coiled tubing drilling, and electromechanical drilling. Results of this paper will provide valuable information for Chinese subglacial bedrock core drilling project in the Gamburtsev mountains.

DOI: 10.1016/j.polar.2015.03.003
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