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Air reverse circulation at the hole bottom in ice-core drilling
Authors: Hu Z, Talalay P, Zheng Z, Cao P, Shi G, Li Y Fan X, MA H
Year: 2019
Periodical/Journal: Journal of Glaciology
Page Range: 1-8
Abstract: Ice-core drilling to depths of 200???300 m is an important part of research studies concerned with paleoclimate reconstruction and anthropogenic climate change. However, conventional drilling methods face difficulties due to firn permeability. We have developed an electromechanical ice-core drill with air reverse circulation at the hole bottom. We believe that the new drilling system will recover ice cores faster than shallow auger drills, with high efficiency and low energy consumption. The theoretically estimated up-hole speed of the airflow should be not <7.7 m s-1 to allow proper removal of ice cuttings from the borehole bottom. The computer simulation and test results showed that the design of the new ice-coring drill is feasible. The maximum allowed penetration rate depends by square law on airflow.
DOI: 10.1017/jog.2018.95
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