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The Prairie Dog: a double-barrel coring drill for 'hand' augering
Authors: Kyne J and McConnell J
Year: 2007
Periodical/Journal: Annals of Glaciology
Volume: 47
Number: 1
Page Range: 99-100
Abstract: The Prairie Dog is a double-barreled ice corer designed to enable more efficient drilling - better core quality, fewer trips in and out of the borehole, easier breaks from the hole bottom, better chip collection and less energy to turn - than a simple single core barrel that accompanies most 'hand' ice-coring drill systems. Over several seasons, the Prairie Dog has been used to drill about 50 holes to an average depth of about 20 m. It is safe to use in warm ice where a simple core-auguring barrel could easily become stuck. For a 20 m hole, about five trips in and out of the borehole are saved using the Prairie Dog compared with a simple auger barrel of the same core length. With fiberglass inner and outer barrels and an anti-torque section composed primarily of aluminum, the Prairie Dog weighs only about 25 lb (11.3 kg).
DOI: 10.3189/172756407786857703
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