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Pendulum Steering for Thermal Probes in Glaciers
Authors: Aamot HWC
Year: 1967
Keywords: SR 116, probes (thermal conductivity), ice drills--test results, drilling--thermal factors, arctic tools
Periodical/Journal: CRREL Special Report 116
Abstract: Pendulum steering, a new concept of attitude stabilization for thermal probes or coring drills in ice, eliminates inability. The center of support is placed above the center of gravity. A lower and upper hot point produce melt penetration. The ratio of their power levels is the basis for stabilization, which is provided by the automatic control of the heater in the upper hot point. This feature makes possible a single thermal probe design that is suitable for all ice cap temperatures and a wide range of penetration rates (i. e., applied power levels). The simplicity of a thermal probe with pendulum steering suggests availability at modest cost and versatility as a widely applicable tool.
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