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Evaluatoin of Ice Management Problems Associated with Operation of a Mechanical Ice Cutter on the Mississippi River
Authors: Ashton GD
Year: 1974
Keywords: SR 214, icebreakers, ice disintegration, ice navigation, ice openings, inlad waterways, rivers, waterway transportation
Periodical/Journal: CRREL Special Report 214
Abstract: Ice management problems associated with operation of a Mechanical Ice Cutter for use in icebreaking as an aid to winter navigation are examined. The study concentrates as an aid to winter navigation are examined. The study concentrates on effects occurring after the cutting operation. Included in the evaluation are assessments of refreezing rates, movement and disposition of the slabs produced by the cutting, and an examination of effects related to ice jams. The evaluation is specific to the upper Mississippi River, in particular Pool 19 above Lock and Dam 19 at Keokuk, Iowa. It was found that most ice production during a winter occurs during a small fraction of the period of ice cover; hence removal after these short periods may allow navigation to proceed for significant wintertime periods. A relation was found between cut slab dimensions and critical velocity to move them that will enable estimates to be made of accumulation. Leakage of adjacent ice by vessel waves was found to impose a possible restraint on vessel speed but not a serious one.
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