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Ice-Coring Augers for Shallow Depth Sampling
Authors: Rand J and Mellor M
Year: 1985
Keywords: CR 85-21, augers, cold regions, core sampling, drilling, ice, permafrost, soils
Periodical/Journal: CRREL Report 85-21
Abstract: The development of lightweight coring augers for ice is reviewed. Emphasis is on equipment designed by the Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory and its predecessor organizations for sampling to depths less than 20 m or so. Design and operation of the ACFEL/SIPRE/CRREL 3-in.-ID corer is discussed, and modifications of the basic design for powered operation and for drilling in frozen soil are outlined, Recent replacements for the traditional coring auger are described, and details are given for the construction and operation of the new 4 ¼ - in-ID coring equipment. A powered 12-in.-ID drill for shallow-depth coring is also described.
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